Best Emergency LED Bulbs of 2018 (Keep the lights on in a DISASTER!)

(clicks) – Not a magic trick! Today the ultimate life hack to make sure the brightest, best LED bulbs stay lit during a power outage (upbeat music) It's a bright idea beyond belief

Hi, I'm the YouTube Deal Guy, Matt Granite I love unboxing the coolest tech, finding the hottest deals in the world And today one of the most practical price drops I've ever seen Yes, this is a bright, awesome LED light bulb, but just as you would put this into a lamp, or into ceiling lighting, the second the power goes out this light bulb will continue to function It's called the LyfeLite

And you can actually fill your whole home with these at one of the lowest recorded prices I've ever seen for bright LED light bulbs There's an expandable video description box right underneath that has the link But I'm gonna show you right now how this works and how a light bulb that works normally, but also has a rechargeable battery back-up, is your best friend in the event of an emergency At its core this is just an awesome energy efficient light bulb Screw this into a lamp anywhere in your home in ceiling lighting, whatever it is, and this is a great LED bulb

Instant on, no flickering, no issues While this is in use it's charging a built-in battery So in the event of a power outage or an emergency, the second your light bulbs go out this will function on its own without the light source You can see it's still casting that same bright room-filling LED lights and with absolutely no power source attached to it This is my favorite grab that you can put into your home

Now for those of you that have smart-bulbs around your home, I have this lamp plugged into a TP-link adaptor You could use this with Wemo, but I just want to point out that just as its own energy efficient bulb, here we go, let's show you the power running through this Awesome! Alexa, turn the couch lamp off – [Alexa] Okay – [Matt] Alexa, turn the couch lamp on

– [Alexa] Okay – This works, integrates into your current smart home setup Again, there's no Bluetooth or WiFi in the bulb I'm just using the adaptor plugged into this lamp But I just want to show you that as a bulb, with my current set up, this works, instant on and instant off

The deal that I found today scores you four LyfeLite LED light bulbs for under $35 with free delivery I love the deal because this is just at its core a great durable emergency light bulb Like one of the best things about this, (tapping) is it has that harder plastic They're not breakable glass But in addition to bringing energy savings every time you use them, the fact that they are ready to turn on when you need it most is such a great thing

I was very heavily involved with the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts down South, affecting so many of you I know I have a lot of subscribers from Texas and I was there when it happened and we keep hearing about these awful storms in the news and power outages And as a new dad that's not something I want to deal with And this goes so far beyond that emergency flashlight that you're always reaching for I could keep the nursery lit, I could keep hallways and corridors, whatever it is that I need lit

Stairs, if you live with someone who's a senior citizen or perhaps you have a grandmother that you're taking care of, this is the best grab that you can make right now Expand that video description box That will hook you up Now if you are looking for more hook-ups on hot deals and items that you might likely not see anywhere else, it would be my pleasure to assist Click on my header right here

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