Bus Shaped BIRTHDAY card with LED LIGHTS

Hello everyone! I'm Amanda, welcome to my channel Today I bring you a card inspired by another What Laura Bassen did Not a long time ago

I guess you know who I'm talking about, it's one of the best cardholders and made a card in the form of a bus As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to make an equal for my son because he loves cars and buses and everything that has wheels It was his birthday and I thought it was the perfect occasion What I have done is to mask the word SCHOOL, because it's not going to be a school bus and I'm going to color it red because our buses are red Once I have it ready too I will put lights on it 🙂 And now let's put lights on this bus

You can see that I have punched two more silhouettes One is going to be the I will use it for the circuit I will not use Chibitronics, as you can see, but I recommend you use it if you can because It makes everything so much easier Peeero I did not have Chibitronics nor time to place an order so I had to do something with what I had Available: conductive paint silver, mini led lights and a stack flat You can also see that I have made a "house" for the pile, it's just a piece of paper to keep the battery in its place and also to connect the part positive and negative I really hope you can see how do I do it in the video because I do not have no idea how to explain it, in fact not I have an idea what I'm doing 🙂 The only thing I can tell you is you have to do two paths, one positive and one negative and the led lights have to touch both sides And also, of course, the stack has to be touching the positive part with the positive part of the paper and the negative part with the negative Anyway

I hope you understand with the video but if not ask in the comments and I will try to answer to your questions;) Now I'm going to stick the led lights and it's very important that you stick them well "tight" to make sure they touch the silver paint And works! 🙂 So now let's fix the stack using double-sided foam tape, but we have to put two layers to make sure that the lights do not stay on all the time, only when we play on the stack

In this case, I needed three layers, but I was lazy and instead of putting the third layer I just added a little bit of foam tape right next to the pile, which has not been very good idea I teach you why in a moment So if you need three layers do not be lazy and put three layers;) And here you can see why I should have put three layers instead of the piece of foam, so it looks horrible, but my boy of three years does not matter at all This Excited with the bus and the lights 🙂 And that's the card today

I will leave the link to Laura Bassen's video on the information box so you can see what he did she And you can also find the list of materials there I hope you liked it Thank you very much for watching the video and see you next time Bye!