DIY Grow Lights Made From LED Shop Lights for Seed Starting

– All right I made this really cool video about building an LED grow light rig with some cheap LED lights I got

They're just cheap LED shop lights instead of using the fluorescent lights, which are like my shop lights back here It had welding and cutting and a great opening, and I lost half the footage I deleted the memory card somehow I've been sitting on this for a while and my executive producer Jimmy is like, "When are we gonna see that video?" And in GardenFork, it's done, it's better than perfect We keep the mistakes in

This was a big mistake because I deleted the computer card Imagine this really cool opening with cutting and stuff and me talking like I am now, but I'm talking about a grow light This is part of the finished grow light The other part is on the ground there It's too heavy for me to lift

So here we go Make, fix, grow, cook GardenFork Yesterday was the warm day, so I had to clean up from sap season Let's go in the garage

Does your garage look like mine? I get overwhelmed and then I don't know what to do, but right now, we're gonna make our grow light (garage door closing) (strong air blowing) (upbeat acoustic music) (welding) Okay I can hear again The plan here is, I've been grinding off the paint off my scrap metal This is a mattress frame

Did I say that already? Wherever you're going to be doing your flux core welding, which is what we're going to do And I'm an amateur flux core welder That could be good or bad

Wherever you're going to be flux core welding, you have to remove the paint so you're down to clear metal, and use a grinding wheel on your right-angle grinder, happily named I need to make this to be a rectangle here, so we're gonna measure the opposite corners, but also we're gonna use these little magnets in the corners We're gonna tack weld with the magnets in place so it holds the metal together, then remove this and do the full weld If you do the full weld while this is in place, the heat from the welder can de-magnetize your magnet Then it's not a very good magnet, is it? By the way, I just got these safety glasses that have reading glass things down in the bottom

I'm still getting used to it here So we're gonna rectangle this out, square it out here, put these in, tack weld, off we go (upbeat acoustic music) So the magnets are covering up where I want to do the little tack weld I'm gonna go to plan B I'm gonna square it with my tape measure and just hold it down, tack weld, tack weld, tack weld, and then go back and do the full weld

(upbeat acoustic music) Welding gloves I need to get a welding vest, safety goggles on, and then my welding helmet I'm all set (welding) Maybe welding on a wooden table isn't the smartest idea I don't know, they work

I'll raise it off the wood floor now, wood table I keep get, I keep get I can't talk

I keep getting interrupted in our project here, so I'm sorry This is day three We're this close to finishing the welding Let's go (garage door closing) (strong air blowing) (upbeat acoustic music) (welding) (upbeat acoustic music) I don't know, I'm very excited about the welding, so if you just indulge me with the slow-motion welding video

I think I'm getting okay at it I'm not great, but We need something to hold the grow light over our frame, and I thought I would notch a piece of this so it basically sits like this, and then the grow light will be at the top of this I gotta notch this so it'll sit in here We could put it on like this, but I don't think that would be

I guess that would work But I think this, if I notch this, it'll be stronger, so I'll just cut this We'll cut a notch, that's what we're gonna do

(welding) These magnets are pretty cool for welding They'll hold things at a right angle, or just clamp it (upbeat acoustic music) (welding) (upbeat acoustic music) (welding) I think we're done welding I'm really happy with how the came out I can't talk, let me do this again

(upbeat acoustic music) I'm really happy with this Thank you for indulging me with these slow-motion welding video The frame is built I've got the uprights here We're gonna hang the light

Let's go down into the wood shop, build a platform, throw the lights on, see what happens (light piano music) I've managed to clear enough space in the shop here to do the final put together (bar hits light fixture) That was graceful, wasn't it? These are our LED shop lights The challenge here is to put these together like this and then hang them over plants I have a rough idea; let's see if it works

I want these together like this Right in between the two tubes, this is sheet metal In fluorescent ones, there would be wires and electronics there I could put these two together My thought was have them

They're facing down toward the lights I would connect them with a piece of wood, this is some scrap plywood I had, between them, screw, screw, good This is a self-tapping screw

Wrong way We're gonna go through the weddle Gonna go through the

Gonna go through the wood (drill turns) and then into the metal, and we'll connect the two together and we'll hang them (drilling) There we go (drilling) This is not connected nicely

I cut a piece of scrap plywood that's gonna lay in here, and then I'm just going to, again, using the self-tapping screws, go through this into the frame, hold it in (drilling) The mattress frame, the recycled steel we're using for the frame, is pretty thick Maybe I could drill a pilot hole that would go better Screws are in These are peg board hooks I had laying around, and I just welded them to the top of the riser

This light and the chain will hook onto that (light music) I think that's beautiful It came out really well Even though I erased the memory card, the project is a success Man, is that bright

In a future video, we're gonna compare the fluorescent lights with the LED strip lights and see what kind of power they put out, what kind of color temperatures, that kind of thing Would be very interesting Right here should be floating some other videos You can also sign up I put out a email newsletter every week There's a link below to sign up for that as well in the Gotta click on the text down arrow, and in there, there's all sorts of information about Eric's world Let me know your thoughts Comments, questions, always good, down below See you