How To Upgrade Your RV Living Room Lights – LED And New Fixture

Hi RV do-it-yourselfers Tom here we're doing a little RV upgrading with the lights today we're going to change this light out for this fixture and we're going to on this fixture we're going to put some nice LED bulbs I believe they're equivalent of 60 watt can you see that so they they're LED regular screw in type standard standard socket screw ins so anyway we're going to take this one out and wire this one up and we're also going to switch this so we can have each one of these lights on individually if we want to okay I've started by shutting off the power and unplugging the rig now I'm going to remove this light we only had one bulb in here because it was so bright that we didn't like the bulbs the way they were and this ugly thing will go down the road I'm going to just cut this off because these are crimped down there and there's nothing I can do to do about it I'm using my wire stripping tool to strip off the insulation I'm going to use some wire nuts to reconnect these so we've already got our switch in the fixture and I'll show you how we did that we have our new light fixture and we're going to be installing a they switch so we can individually turn off each light in the RV they were wired together there were two on this particular switch and this is the one we have our fan wire to so we want to be able to keep our switch on to run the fan and put this switch in the light fixture so we can turn them off so let's go in the shop and see if we can get this switch installed in our light so this is just a simple toggle switch interrupting the power to the device we can wire our power into one side and our power back out to the light to the other and we're going to install it we're going to try to install it right in the middle and there's just barely enough room and there's also a little offset here that we're going to have to we have to block this up a little bit or something so let's get a hole drilled over there first and we'll go from there so we drilled a hole in this it's a little bit of a strange place because it's on this ridge and it's hard to drill out anymore so I'm going to just take a file and file my hole to the size where my switch will fit so since our fixture has a little lip on here I'm going to put a little space around the top here on the inside I'm going to glue it in there with some hot glue so our switch will sit flat and on the outside I'm going to take just a little piece of rubber then hot glue it on underneath the switch for a spacer on the outside just like that now we need to just put the little switch plate on with the little ring nut and we'll be done we'll see you back inside the RV okay I have my wire stripped and we just need to hook up the the blacks from one side of the switch to the power which is the yellow and the rest of the blacks together so I've got the yellow coming from the wall switch which is the positive 12-volt I've got that going into one side of my new toggle switch got the other side of the toggle switch coming out connecting to the two this is a two lamp fixture so I've got that connected to two blacks my other wire is going to be my negative from the wall switch and that's going to go to my two white wires on the new fixture and that's all there is to it so our main wall switch is on and if I want to light this fixture I hit my toggle switch and it goes on I only have one bulb in there right now and these are 12 volt bulbs these are 12 volt LED bulbs so I'm going to put a little tape around my wire nuts just as a little added insurance since this isn't going into a standard box I drilled a couple more holes on the perimeter of the fixture to go right into the ceiling and just get it as straight as you can and we put the switch over on this side you can put the switch wherever you want so to complete the installation we're going to put the diffuser or globe whatever you like to call these things on this is a traditional house fixture it's not a 12 volt fixture there's nothing special about the fixture the only thing that makes it 12 volt are these bulbs so these are lumen 12 volt bulbs you can get them on Amazon they're a little bit difficult to find at like your Home Depot's and that but this is what you want so this is a great upgrade we can turn these on individually we have two more oh we have another one over here we can turn it on and off individually and really the reason we did that is because we wired our new fan up to the lights and we want to be able to leave the fan running while turning the lights off so there you have it thanks for watching the video I hope you like the upgrade it's very easy it doesn't cost very much however much you want to spend on fixtures plus the price of the twelve volt bulbs which weren't too bad I think they were maybe around five bucks apiece maybe not even that much but they're supposed to last quite a while so and they're energy efficient and they don't put out any heat so thanks for watching the video guys we'll see you on the next upgrade