Lighting – Importance in Video Production

This week we are going to cover lighting What’s up Fish Fans! You’re watching Marketing Madness, the Blue Fish vlog! When it comes to lighting you're really going to see 3 main types: strobe, natural, and continuous

The very first type of lighting that you're going to have is this big orange thing that sits in the sky (most days down here in the south) That is called natural lighting Whether you're outside or inside and you're just allowing some of the light to come in through a window, it's not terribly easy to control Although you can use things like a reflector to bounce light back on someone from the Sun The next kind of lighting is a strobe light

If you've ever had your portrait taken Maybe you are like me and you had an experience as a child maybe you went to Sears and got that family portrait or something, strobe lights are lights that when the photographer presses the shutter button you see a quick flash that lights everyone in the photo up

They look fantastic right? But those are mostly for photography Next is continuous light which is a light source that stays lit all the time It is what you'll see used for video The LED lights we use for recording our videos are an example of that Within the continuous light family, you have different types of light

They can be incandescent, halogen, or LED Almost everybody is moving to LED because you can quickly change the color temperature of the light This allows you to match the ambient light which helps make the lighting appear more natural So if you're on location and you have overhead lights that are fluorescent, you can use the LEDs on a cool setting This is much like you would go to Home Depot and buy warm or cool lights for your space to create a different feel! Lighting is used to shape the picture or create a mood

Lighting is important when you're looking to tell a story If it is a more serious story, you'll want to use darker moodier light If it is a happier, more upbeat video, you'll want bright evenly lit exposed light Just remember lighting is your friend even if it's just that big orange thing in the sky Well, that’s a wrap for this week! I want to thank you for checking in

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