Lights, using energy efficient ones and reducing the number.

hi vanquishedangel here again and today's tip is lighting and energy efficiency now you probably think you already know this and some of this you probably already do but it's surprising how many people don't actually think of a lot of this stuff so when I moved into this apartment my light fixture here had about four lights in it that's not needed this is a tiny little room in an efficiency apartment I don't need a searchlight everywhere I go and so a lot of people are like well they need more lighting and people like well whatever so what I did when I replaced it was I got a fan fixture with one light socket only and it kind of hangs down and you can kind of see that a little bit it's all glowy so you can't really tell too well but um I'm sorry about that so um and then I use LED lights okay no so I find the wattage the high enough one that gives off enough light that I can see in here just fine and so for me this one was four Watts forty equivalent but it's a small room I don't need anything sorry I don't need anything more than that and this is where a lot of people have issues they may use the LED lights or the compact fluorescent lights which by the way are outdated but then they have five or six lights in a tiny little room and then they have them all on at once because they just need that much light you don't need that much light so today's tip is to you know figure out how much light you actually need in a room how many sockets you actually need and yes people rent apartments or rent houses and they can't always replace the light sockets but you can leave some unscrewed unscrewed I do that in my bathroom vanity I have a light bulb in there they're just unscrewed so they're not on that way they're not using electricity I did this in my other room over here too it also has the same fan fixture and it has one light in it because that's all that's needed so I went down from having six six lights to just – alright and then obviously you're gonna want to use LED lights now these cost more like maybe ten dollars up to some that I've bought because I like to buy the higher end ones they're a little bit less wattage you don't need to buy the higher end ones but they are always worth it to spend a little bit more on because you know one light at four watts beats one light at sixty or one light at you know whatever the compact fluorescent one would have been you know 12 or 15 watts and maybe it's splitting hairs but these lights have lasted me forever years they're great they're wonderful and it's worth it in the end alright have a good day