Hello welcome to vlogg maybe you can see and look back camera A table way like it

Where is it? Led list who drop by car Imagine using it You'll see it later What table is it? Sorry, it's a jerk and a bottle but it's a table I play CSGO

What do I use data because it is macbook I reminder they forgot not click like Sorry, it's Swedish text I mean like LIKE Come and like doing now You feel stupid let me tip you

You just type it Then finished direct website look perfect it I'll only tip you Have bought the keyboard, mouse and mouse mat rac

Razer brands is the name it bought Turn to car now and get lamp led to room what and where do you see, hope works cause glue is bad i show Strange handles

Yes, I left the list LOL Did not go for a walk Close False signs Raw believes clearly well

Clearly dirty I'm afraid to break Glass rock shots need to buy new full window energy not and cost too Check A little good and bad It's about tables

Take Finish take it But one Hope to see how it works Sorry I do not think about vlogg but still have gone I said before to fix the list list look Fix it, what is it? I said before that joint is bad glue clearly do not hold it just tap

Led your list on the table and some glue does not leave danger and drop But below can not cause lead list want to drop from board I try to look double glue tape means two pieces of glue up and down Look me and dad instead use that view I think I've got a little bit before Sorry you see tap is therefore bad glue Fix

Yes, I'm happy to get back on TV, data, keyboard, mouse and mouse pad Yes, I put the lead list look It is RGB then different colors and weak and strong or between lights can have 2 pieces one underneath and on the table look It's so nice to see what's going on when dark outside Exciting va install good luck see strange check

Still working Yes, have the correct list of list moment data check See you nice red lights on tables and keyboard, mouse and mouse mat too yes I play CSGO We see next time i have to play sorry sorry ending vlogg see we