Relaxing liquid movement toys and LED lights

Hello These are from eBay, and I had similar things when I was a kid and I fancied getting them again because they're very relaxing to play with

This one is called a bubble timer and I don't think it actually times anything but this is what it does Can you see that just got all little bubbles of oil flowing down, it's quite hypnotic to watch, And I quite enjoy watching it You know I don't think I don't know I've not actually tried seeing how long it takes but it's it's sort of variable so, but sometimes they'll all drop evenly like this and then they'll suddenly start getting further apart, and I dunno I'll have to time it

Anyway that's that one, and this one is called a ooze tube, apparently (laughs) and it's orange, I love orange and this is what this does It oozes goo And it's extremely pleasing as well They're both really good for relaxation I think, well I know this one I got from a company for special educational needs, because it helps kids with that and it helps adults with that, so yeah it's extremely relaxing I was thinking of filming like a full-length video with a background so you can see it properly and just

watch it (laughs) Ok, so what this video is about, other than that is that what I wanted to do, and I don't know how I'm gonna film this, but I wanted to make it so that they light up so you can have them on, have them going in the dark So I thought LEDs obviously, I'm not quite there with soldiering all my own stuff, so I've got

I've got hang on This is what I come up with (laughs) And in here is some LEDS

A string of LED lights from Poundland And these are warm white ones and it's just a piece of copper and it's got like a coating on it, like resin or something, and then the chips are just done in line, and there we go I'll put it on actually this isn't warm white, it's bright light I did tryit's cold white rather I did try it with warm white, but it didn't look as good, anyway so that's all that, stuffed into this little china plant pot! (laughs) and the battery pack is just tacked on to the side with blutack It's not high tech, but it's a proof of contact con it's a proof of concept, that I could possibly turn in something else The best thing about it is the size of this pot fits these, so this one fits in, sort of wedge fit it, like that, it probably looks incredibly wonky but yeah it's in, and this one doesn't fit so well, but it doesn't need to because you don't really look at the bottom one Again it's wonky but erm It looked better when I did it before I started recording Anyway like that and you can't actually see the battery pack when when you're sort of laying in bed looking at it side on, which I often am, trying to get to sleep, so yeah that's what I came up with, and now I'm going to try it and show you what it looks like in the dark! I'll take this out first, turn one of my lights off and I'll turn the other light off and we've still got the room light on and I'll shove that in there, and you get an idea It looks better in total darkness obviously I'll move that back so you can see the whole thing Actually because it hadn't entirely finished, it's all running down so it doesn't look as good It'll sort itself out in a minute

You can get an idea of what it looks like lit up though, and the effect changes as the levels change, so the more of this honey stuff that gets on the bottom the more amber the light goes in the whole thing And this lights up and the blob that comes up looks metallic It's very nice So that's that one And I'll let it go back to where it was, and there's this one

Get it upright There we go I think this one's pretty pleasing as well because it makes the green platforms look fluorescent, and the blobs very rich coloured, so I think that's really pretty I'll move it up close to you so you can see it better How do you get it to focus you don't apparently No (laughs) Anyway it's a bit wobbly But it serves my purpose

Yep So that's that That's what I wanted to show you What I'd like to ultimately do is make some kind of small puck of resin with the LEDs set in it, and then just stand it on that I think you'd need something around the edge to direct the light up, maybe like like metallic, so you could have a little cup of tin foil (laughs) filled with resin, with the LEDs in

Yeah it's an idea anyway But it's very pretty as it is, considering it took two minutes to shove it all together I'm quite pleased with it Okay so that's how I made that I'm gonna make some more videos soon, just about all the different things I like making It was originally going to be about needle felting, this channel, but I don't do that on its own, I do all sorts of things

These are some of the things I've made back here Oh you probably can't see it because I've not got any lights on Okay hold up I hope that didn't blind anyone And yeah so I make, I'm a maker, and I'm going to show you things I make because it's fun! It's more fun when you share

Okay so thanks for watching (laughs) and I'll see you again