The Future of Car Lights – LED Conversion

rev up your engines, today I'm going to talk about LEDs and car lighting systems now LEDs or light emitting diodes, were invented by Nick holonyak jr when he was working at GE in 1962, and the first LEDs hey, they were only available in red for 10 years, but now they come in many colors shapes and sizes and they have a big advantage over old-fashioned types of light bulbs, now Thomas Edison had a great idea when he invented the light bulb, a little filament is inside a vacuum tube, electricity goes through gets super hot and then emits light, but it's the heating aspect that's bad, it has to heat up little wires that I have to be in a vacuum tube, because if they aren't and they're out in the atmosphere they burn up in two seconds, so they have to be sealed and a lot of the energy just creates heat and not light so they're very wasteful, for example this little tail lamp bulb it gets pretty hot, 358 degrees Fahrenheit, but compare that to this giant array of LEDs that's for a fog lamp that puts out tons more light, look what the temperature it puts out, seventy eight point one degrees, it's just two degrees warmer than it is outside, man these things don't put out much heat, so these LED's not only are they brighter, they can come in any color you want now, they last tons longer, because they're not getting hot, they're not burning themselves out, and they don't have that little filament that can go bad or vacuum seal that can go bad and then the bulb burns out, so that's why they using LEDs in lots of modern cars they're going to last longer, they can be any color you want, and you use less energy, so the car becomes more efficient, so you might say can I put LEDs in my car, well in most cases it's as simple as plug-and-play, just get an LED bulb instead of the old one and just plug it into the socket, now in the case of my wife's old Lexus here, it had the old-style ugly headlight, so I just bought a whole assembly and it's got the cool headlights with the LED array that rings around it, it looks much better than it looked before, and it was a simple bolt on replacement, as you can see inside here, it just plugged in like the old one plugged in, you just had to unbolt the assembly and put it in, and bolt the new one in, or if you just want to stick in LED bulbs like I did here the bulb just pops in, and they also come in varying shades of color, but you got to check your local laws for that, some colors are technically illegal, in that case it was just as easy as getting a new LED bulb popping out the old halogen bulb and popping this back in, now admittedly in the past sometimes the LEDs are too bright or too doll or whatever hey the engineers have figured that out what would you rather have, a solid-state thing that can take bumps and last probably as long as the car, or old filament bulb that's going to either burn out or crack or just the vibration is going to make the wire come apart, and since they use such a small amount of power check this out, this is one of these light stands that you can put on jeeps for off-road stuff, I put it inside my garage to light it up when it's darker or if I come out at night and I'm messing around with stuff, if it was regular bulbs it would use a lot of power, but this thing I could just run off a car battery for days, I just got it hooked up to this little car battery on the ground, it'll run a long time before it drains that battery, and of course they're great for flashlights when you're working on cars like the this LED, this thing is super bright, but hey it's got a tiny rechargeable battery, since they don't use as much power, you can use it a long time before you got to recharge it the bulb isn't going to burn out like those old high-intensity bulbs burn out, and the batteries are going to last a lot longer than the old ones did, those old bright little flashlights, sometimes I'd run out of power in less than an hour but with this LED, hey I only have to recharge it once every few days and it's rechargeable too, so you don't even have to buy a battery for the stupid thing, so if you're looking for some cool aggressive styling, and you want to have a more efficient car, hey say goodbye to Thomas Alva Edison and say hello to LEDs, and since this is mechanic Monday, I'm giving away a bunch of LED stuff, to have a chance to win just place a clean non offensive comment on the YouTube comments below, and the winner will be picked by computer randomly, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!