Those USB LED lights are Amazing

hey what's up guys This is Roy And welcome to a brand new video on this channel today we have some USB LEDs so this one has four LEDs and this one has three LEDs and first time when those LEDs come in the market they're pretty expensive in here about a dollar or two but now they are so cheap you can get five of them less than a dollar I bought five of them from gearbestcom it cost me zero point eight eight dollar it's cheap it's around 30 – 40 Indian rupees so if you guys want to check it link is in the description below and this USB LED sticks are amazing you can put inside a power bank USB Port like this like this and it start glowing the light will see it case this one is all white and it has a Switch – Switch touch it yeah now it's on both are on and I think this one these three LED is little bit brighter than this four LED and you also can plug it inside a wall charger and make it a wall light also you can attach with your phone using OTG adapter and make it a selfie light or a video light whatever you want like this is selfie like this will work as a self light and this will work video light this is a USB-C phone but if you get a micro USB port phone you also can get a light that support both side you can insert like this that will turn on the light also this that side that will turn on that light those LEDs use couple of extra diets so it didn't get shorted and here we have a 15 ohm resistance test the part on the phone using our USB safety tester it's consuming only 5

2 volt 130 milliamps so the park enjoy some of these LEDs around 40 m-amps Now test this one interesting it's only 40 milliamp 10 milliamps is and here we have a resistance I think it's a diode there is a IC and on the bottom of this light you have a task to is say we toss it it will turn it on but this thing blow my mind it don't need to touch just take it little bitter from the Suisse okay touch I don't touch he just okay it's on so off without touching look at it guys not touching it turn on turn off without touching it without tragic I don't touch it is still there is I think two three millimeter away from the dust Swiss so guys that's the USB light hope you like this video if you liked it make sure to smack a big thumbs up on this video meet you guys on my next video till then bye bye