Wind energy: Solutions for tower lighting

Most of the technology in a wind turbine generator is located above the tower in the nacelle Technical personnel must access this regularly in order to be able to perform maintenance and repair work

In a wind turbine generator, the nacelle is accessed via the tower Here, a durable and reliable lighting system is important Particularly in the event of a power failure in the system Because the tower is made up of segments during construction, the lighting system must be installed on site As a partner in the wind power industry for many years, Phoenix Contact provides an individually configurable and reliable tower lighting system

Let us take a close look The LED lights specially developed for this application are durable and need no maintenance, and ensure optimum illumination of your workspaces and escape routes A central, uninterruptible power supply ensures lighting in the event of a power failure The pre-assembled cabling is equipped with a rapid installation system and does not have to be installed by an electrically skilled person If required, we will take over planning of the lighting

We integrate the lighting into the 3D model of the tower in accordance with your requirements Upon ordering, you receive the complete pre-assembled lighting system including cabling for installation in the tower You can reorder the individual set at any time using the order number issued Take advantage of the benefits of an individual complete solution for tower lighting in your wind turbine generator